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Fron Strut Isolators/Jounce Bumpers

02-15-2010, 01:36 PM
I just did front struts on my 97 GC 187,000 miles original struts. I did not opt for the complete easy strut due to cost $53 vs $220. I did not replace anything but the strut itself.

I realize now that the jounce bumper on one drivers side is worn out...about 1/2 of it is gone the half that protrudes through boot. so I'm getting a metal to metal clang on sharp bumps in the road on the drivers side.

I don't really want to take the strut off and apart to slide a new bumper on since i just paid for an alignment and taking it off and on would screw that up.

So here is my question: Has anyone ever tried taking a new bumper and making a vertical slice through one side of the bumper. Then opening the bumper up and wrapping the bumper around the strut shaft...gluing the halves back together and or wrapping it with some type of nylon ty-wrap or metal banding clamps?

I know it may, or may not up very well. Not sure what type of adhesive would work best...rubber cement..somthing pliable?

Has anybody ever tried anything to repair or replace a jounce that worked?


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