Decent car for 2500$?

02-02-2010, 09:28 PM
So im in the market for purchasing a vehicle but i have some simple questions, first off, im a motor vehicle retard. Its just never been my thing, but i digress. i have about 2500 cash and im not looking to finance. im wondering if i can even get a car thats gunna last me about a year or two, if so what would it be from a pure durability stand point, i dont mind so much about looks at this point.

Ray paulsen
02-02-2010, 10:53 PM
The odds are not with anybody buying a car in this price range unless they have educated themselves looking for red flags.

I like your statement not being choosy buying a vehicle under $5,000 " consumer reports - must be an import - high miles - equipment " like so many others when they post, you simply want transportation that will outlast your $2500. investment for up to about 2 years, and that I consider an obtainable investment on your part with a little homework.

Start with this link to understand the process how some dealers carry inexpensive cars and others more high end, along with the risk factors buying from auctions,

When you find a car of interest, don't commit, post a link, so we can check for red flags to lessen the fear you ending up with a lemon in your driveway.

02-03-2010, 09:09 AM
While no car is perfect, especially used, there are some out there that might fit the bill in your price range. Try looking at GM full and intermediate models going back into the 1990s. These cars were mass produced and are fairly easy/inexpensive to repair, and many models were reliable. Some models include the Buick Lesabre, Century, and Park Avenue, Pontiac Bonneville, Grand Prix and Grand AM, Oldsmobile 88 or 98, and the Cutlass series of cars. Even Chevy had models like the Monte Carlo, the early '90 B Body (Caprice / Impala SS and the Buick Roadmaster,) and the Lumina. Try looking at your local used car ads , some papers have a special section within their used car ads for vehicles under a specified amount. Since you say you don't know a lot about cars, make sure you have a knowledgeable friend, better yet mechanic come along, or take the vehicle to them for a thorough "lookover" before making any decisions.

Dr. Love
02-07-2010, 02:31 PM
A 97+ Malibu might be a good choice, the newest and lowest mileage one you can afford. They are pretty solid, mechanically at least.

02-08-2010, 08:34 AM
I would have to agree with '97Venture on the Buick LeSabre as that has a uniquely good reliability rating among many poor ones from the Big 3 in the mid to late 90's. There are couple of other decent cars you can find from GM/Ford/Chrysler, like the very last year they made the LX-Platform Chrysler Intrepid/Concorde cars, which was 1997. The earlier model years had their fair share of issues, but in the 1997 model year (and with the 3.5L engine) seems they went out with a bang and created something quite reliable and not half bad to drive.

Personally, I recommend import cars from Honda or Toyota, even in this price bracket - I know it's a broken record hearing about 'Toyota reliability' but I can't count the number of 1994-1996 Toyota Camry's I see in great condition every day. My family has also had constant good luck with Honda's - my brother has owned 3 Civics, each one has survived more than it should have. It's like they have a will of their own to survive...if I wanted a cheap car to last as long as possible, I'd look for a well-maintained compact or midsize from Honda or Toyota.

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