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2001 LS 200 wiper motor blows the fuse

02-02-2010, 07:06 PM
So here is what happened:

1. We had a snow storm followed by ice and rain.
2. Due to a completely unrelated issue the battery got drained
3. When we jumped the car for whatever reason the wiper was on
4. The wiper arms moved up slightly and jammed against the ice blowing the fuse
5. When I replaced the fuse and cleared the ice the arms moved down slightly and blew the fuse again
6. Now the fuse blows immediately as soon as the key is on
7. To diagnose the problem I both removed the wiper relay and disconnected the steering column wiper controls
8. The fuse still blows

I figure there is either mysteriously a short in the wiring harness or the motor is trying to move the blades down further and is unable. How can I test which is the case ? and if it is the later how can I reset the wiper motor ?

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