05 will not start

01-31-2010, 10:46 AM
Hey all , I have a 2005 that will not start now , started to move it and then now will not start . it has 87,000 on it and has all the right mant done to it . and on time . Love the thing but I dont like the no answers I get from dealers. I have worked on trucks and cars for 40 years but this is the first 2000 plus modle I have had . I have no idea how or where to start looking for problems any ideas ? I have checked the Simple stuff so that is out . If timeing how do I know can not just check lie we use to LOL. ect. I need ideas. thank you all .

01-31-2010, 06:11 PM
Start by buying a good service manual or go to all data on line subscription.
Check for spark use a good plug and ground it to the block with insulated pliers.
As someone else cranks the engine watch for spark.
If no insulated pliers use a jumper cable one end on the plug the other end on a good ground.
If you have good spark I would suspect a fuel problem. Use a noid light and check for power to the injectors.
http://www.amazon.com/ Search Equus scanner I would suggest a 3160 if you can afford the price.
Post if you have spark and we can give you more help.

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