Tall Guy looking for advice on what 20k or less car to get

01-30-2010, 02:12 AM
So I am finally paying off the harley I bought 2 years ago instead of the new car I needed. Been driving around a 99 accent for far to long.

I have been looking around at all the car manufacturer websites trying to see what I like/can afford and found that everything I like is either to expensive or is rear wheel drive (want new camaro bad but live in upstate NY). I figure I can afford around 300-350 month so with my 2-3k down I can get something in 20k range. I am also 6'3" and feel like a fool driving in my accent so I want something I fit in.

I was thinking of maybe a honda civic, as I hear they are reliable and if I want to trade it in in five years it will still have value. Thinking of a new one as opposed to used as a used with 30-40k miles on it isn't much cheaper than a brand new one. I was also looking at those mazda3 hatchbacks or altima but then they are more expensive.

Basically I want a car that will last me a good while, that I dont have to worry about repairing so Im not looking into used vehicles with more than 20-30k on them already.

Any advice on a car to look into? Not looking for flash more comfort reliability.

I have been shying away from hyundais for some reason, 90% of the repairs on my hyundai I had to do over the years were a result of the cheap metal they are made of rusting away causing things to damage other things and being a B***** to repair

01-30-2010, 04:10 AM
Hmmm now I am looking at the 2010 hyundai tucson, I dont know what I want

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