RAM 250 MARKIII Conversion power times out

01-28-2010, 09:10 AM
I have a 1994 Ram 250 MarkIII hi-top conversion...Over the last couple days I upgraded the audio and video..New 17inch fold down monitor,new head unit,,digital TV converter..Used all the power points that were origanally there so the tv switch will still shut the power down to it,,My problem is alittle strange,,If I have the key on and shut all the doors and have the TV on after about 20 minutes the power shut down in the back to TV and converter..If I open a door and the interior lights come on then the tv and converter get power again..Until 20 minutes later same thing powers down..If I turn on the interior lights from the headlight switch turning it al the way to left it will give me power once again..And 20 minutes later power goes out..Is there a timer of sort that the van has.Or battery protection.Anyone know where it is and how to bypass it? I gets kinda anoying that the tv wont stay on for a lengthy trip..

Always had good luck on this site!!! Thanks in advance for any insite!! Norm

01-28-2010, 05:02 PM
Yes obviously there is a timer. :shakehead :wink:
I'm surprised the timer is kicking the TV off when the engine is running. It's only supposed to kick it off when the engine is off in order to prevent battery drain. Being a conversion van the timer could be anywhere. Since it's tied into the interior lighting and the ignition, under the dash on the driver's side would be a good place to start looking for it.

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