Challenge for you all...mechanic can't figure out what this ghost noise is

01-27-2010, 02:46 PM
My 95' Volvo 850 Turbo has been making this high pitched buzzing type noise (it is NOT a grinding or a clicking noise). It used to only make the noise when I was turning right, now it comes and goes randomly, most often when more than one person is in the car and I am going high speeds (freeway). Sometimes it can go for periods of 20+ minutes. When it does start making the noise, it is loud enough that I can't talk to the person sitting in the passenger seat. I was driving to Wingstop the other day and it made the noise the whole way there, but not once on the way back. You can feel the floor vibrating when it makes the noise, I am unable to tell if it is coming from the back or the front. When I am on the freeway and brake (not too hard) the noise completely stops, but as soon as I stop braking it comes back.

My mechanic used to work for Volvo and he knows his way around a car.. He replaced both a control arm that was damaged and fixed my suspension, but it still makes the noise. Finally I recorded it on my iPhone and played it back for him. He was shocked and had no idea what it was and is going to take a another look underneath the car again this afternoon. I am turning to the internet to see if anyone has any ideas.

You can hear the noise here. I boosted the volume in goldwave so it should be easy to hear.

Any and all ideas welcome..

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