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Valve Seals, Piston Rings?

01-24-2010, 02:11 PM
My 1997 Integra started burning oil a year or two ago, but then stopped starting completely. It sat for awhile with no work being done on it (too busy to work on it) until I replaced the distributor about a month ago (It now starts!), but it still burns oil like mad.

The engine still runs smooth, idles fine, and revs just fine while in neutral or while driving, which leads me to believe the oil burning isn't a piston ring, but is a really bad (nonexistant?) valve seal.
Other than taking the heads off, is there any other way to tell if it is a valve seal? I've read that valve seals usually only burn oil if it has been sitting for awhile, but it burns oil even when idling (visible slightly blue smoke from exhaust).
I am going to do a compression check, but does anybody have any other suggestions on what to check if that compression check comes out fine?

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