Why do monster trucks suck in Canada?

01-18-2010, 03:42 PM
I just went to another Monster Jam show in Toronto hoping for some good ol' fashioned high-flying, car crushing, tire-shredding monster truck action. As in previous years, I was disappointed with the show - the trucks kept breaking (5 out of 12 were busted, didn't fix them to keep going) and the freestyle looked like they were keeping the trucks in 1st - they just bunny hopped all the jumps! Not to mention they had a show on Saturday (I was at the Sunday show with some friends) and all the cars were already crushed, they didn't bother to bring out new scrappers.

From what I've seen on YouTube of shows in the 'States, you guys know how to rock it properly. Why are the shows so much less entertaining in Canadian venues? They were struggling to get the crowd into the show because...well..the show wasn't spectacular.

And I know Grave Digger has a great truck, but honestly, he wins every time he comes here. Why not have a legitimate competition?

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