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1997 Ford E250 4.2l van heater not working.

01-11-2010, 02:10 PM
When i warm my van and turn the heater on i have heat but it gets cold very fast and stays cold.What i need to know is what could be the problem or problems with the heater.Fan blows fine and i checked coolant level and is fine.Not sure if this is related to my problem but i did hear a noise the past week or two.(which sounded like it was under the van in heater coil area)Only way to describe this noise i heard was if you take a card from a deck of cards and put it against a fan. Thats kinda like the noise sounded like and again not sure if this is related to my heat problem
1997 e-250 4.2L
Thanks for any info..

01-11-2010, 02:44 PM
check fluid level(if low fill and recheck),let engine fully worm then check for water pump flow and thermostat proper function by pinching off thermostat outlet hose and see if pressure builds up. next, feel the heater core inlet and outlet hoses to insure that they are both hot.if both hoses are not hot, your heater core could be clogged. if all checks pass, start looking at your climate control system blend door function. worn plastic gears inside the blend door actuator/motor can make a skipping/jumping type noise. at start up and during temperature adjusting from hot to cold. sometimes its the the motor/actuator and sometimes its a failed blend door that caused the motor/actuator to fail.

01-11-2010, 03:54 PM
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Does your temperature gauge go down after turning on the heater? If so everything is working all right. It's this arctic weather formation that has come down upon us. If the temperature gauge stays on line but the heater puts out no warm air you need to take the heater hoses off and back flush the heater core. btw knelleken pretty much covered the whole thinig. I don't mean to try to one up you. ~Dave~

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