Problems with door locks and windows

01-08-2010, 04:12 PM

Never should have bought this truck. It has been a constant source of problems and frustrations. I don't know why I keep it except that it is a nice looking truck and has great head and leg room.

whistles at about 20 -30 kph -intermittent
surges while driving 60-80 kph
numerous o2 sensor codes (replaced both)
surging at stop lights finally corrected ($175. computer reprogram)
chimes 4 times for no reason at any given time
a vibration at any speed not tires or u-joint caused(replaced both items and tires rebalanced)
smell of raw fuel during cold weather starts(disconnecting the carbon can didn't help)
*the chime I just traced back to the drivers door. my mechanic removed the control panel and it started doing it. WHY because the door locks, remote entry and drivers window suddenly decided to stop working. neither side lock switches work but window switch for the passenger side window both sides work. He just says "you have an electrical problem Good Luck!"

Figures that everything goes haywire 3,000 km after the warranty expires. Every time I have had it into the dealer tell me they can't find anything. The surging only got fixed because the truck finally did it when the mechanic came back from a road test.

I believe that GM/Chev knows about the problems but just can't be bothered to fix them. maybe I'll buy a Honda next time.

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