2007 Altima Water Gurgling Sound Issue

01-07-2010, 09:30 PM
Hello Everyone,

I’m having the following issues with my Nissan Altima 2.5S (50k miles). Please share if you have any thoughts on this…

May 2009:
When accelerating from the stop, or pressing the accelerator pedal lightly (even when in Neutral), I hear water running/gurgling sound in the dashboard area.

Took the car to Nissan dealership 6 months ago, after 2 days of diagnostics they blamed it on my mechanic who didn’t “properly” bled the air out of cooling system after changing coolant at 30k miles. They said there were air bubbles in the cooling system that were causing the “gurgling noise”. The noise disappeared after their ‘bleeding of the air’ (or what they claimed). My mechanic denies that dealership even did anything, saying that even IF there were air pocket in the cooling system, it would’ve came out during the past 15k miles that I driven after the coolant service.

January 2010:
For the past 6 months I didn’t hear the noise, now it came back again (Jan 2010). I took the car back to the Nissan dealership and now they’re saying that they found a small leak on the radiator – which is likely to be causing air getting into the cooling system, and told me to replace the radiator - $900. I took it to my mechanic who did confirm the leaking radiator and replaced it for $400. However, the “gurgling / running water” noise is still there and seems to be even more frequent and noticeable now. My mechanic is saying that the radiator was leaking, but that the radiator leak is not related to the “gurgling / running water noise”, and told me to drive it for a few days to see if the noise will stop as well as search the net for the solution.

Did anyone heard about this issue?

Thanks in advance!


10-29-2011, 07:16 PM
Hi Kaptain, was your '07 Altima gurgling issue ever resolved? I have the same problem with an '03 V6 Altima, which has been an on going issue for several years. Recently had radiator replaced which was leaking and system bled , but noise continues. Front end of car was hoisted as per Nissan to help bleeding process. No solutions from Nissan - VERY frustrated !! Any advice ??

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