Rear torsion rod bushings

01-07-2010, 06:52 PM
Hi Everyone!

My friend recently purchased a Renault 19 during blizzard like conditions at a ridiculously cheap price and afterwards discovered that the back wheels sit way up in the wheel wells.

I installed new back shocks in her car and then discovered that her torsion rod bushings are completely worn out. I mean the rod ends look like they can literally flop around in the space where the rubber used to be.

I am wondering;
Is this common?
Are those bushings replaceable?
If they are replaceable, is it difficult?
Is there likely to be any other hidden damage that I am not seeing right now?

Any tips on this problems or other advice would be greatly appreciated! We are considering eating our loses at this point and scrapping the car, but it seems a shame since otherwise this is a perfectly functioning automobile.

Thanks in advance!

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