HRC: Upholding rights principles still a challenge

12-31-2009, 08:43 AM
HRC: Upholding rights principles still a challenge

RIYADH: The Saudi Human Rights Commission (HRC) says upholding human rights principles around the world is still challenging despite legislative developments and a number of new international charters.
On the 61st anniversary of the declaration of human rights, the HRC pointed out that on top of the agenda is the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands. Despite resolutions by the UN Security Council and the General Assembly to end the occupation and return rights to the Palestinian people, the injustice has lasted since the declaration was signed by the UN General Assembly on Dec. 10 1948.
Justice, the HRC says, cannot be achieved under the continuity of enforced occupation that disrespects all international values and standards. The principle of freedom can only be fulfilled and justice achieved when all nations and people of the world refer to the international declaration of human rights, which is the real power, it adds.
The HRC said the declaration is considered a landmark human achievement and a turning point in terms of international solidarity.
It can be claimed human rights concepts derived originally from the Shariah, which is built on principles to protect the rights of any human being regardless of identity. Those principles, according to HRC, form the springboard on which the Kingdom focuses its efforts at both international and local level to maintain man's life and dignity regardless of race, nationality or religion.
The HRC points out that the Kingdom's membership in the UN Human Rights Council is part of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah's efforts to build bridges of dialogue and cooperation between nations. This forms part of the Kingdom's initiatives toward forming a set of international humanitarian guidelines to protect those rights and stand up against all that threatens them by joining and signing treaties and agreements

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