1999 civic vtec damaged?

04-10-2003, 10:33 AM
I have a ex civic with 42k. It had 37k two months ago when I bought it from reputable dealer. Car ran like new. Last week the engine started knocking like a sledge hammer. Car drive 1/2 mile (by son) and parked. Oil checked and it had quart too much. Oil was changed by dealer at 40k. Car was taken to a honda dealer who started the engine and heard no loud noise. He let it run for 5+- minutes and it started hammering. Honda dealer pulled valve cover and took pictures. Said engine was completely sludged up and had not had oil changes. Said the dealer who sold the car should have caught the problem and was negligent. Car had 100 point inspection. Honda stgates the vtec is inoperable, losing oil pressure, valves hanging in the guides. Recommends engine replacement cheaper than repair.
I went to sale dealership with pictures and they were shocked at the thick amount of sludge in the engine. They claimed that they were not legally liable but would agree to replace the engine with another with 26k from '99 civic ex. They insisted they would do the work and not pay extra to honda. They towed the car to their dealership and started it. No noise. They drove it on the interstate at high mph and no noise.
They state the honda dealer could not diagnose the vtec without removing more than the valve cover.
The have agreed to taking car to another honda dealer in same town.
Must the engine be making the banging noise in order for second honda dealer to verify problem?

04-10-2003, 03:52 PM
well if the engine went 40k without an oil change, well the engine is gone already, it may run good now, but it wont last long. well if the other honda does a 100 point inspection too, they should find the same results. if these things are wrong, Honda stgates the vtec is inoperable, losing oil pressure, valves hanging in the guides, well the motor is pretty much fucked. not only the head is shot, probaly the pistons, rods, and crank are all fucked too. it may run good now, but probably the realiability is fucked. idk if your a racer or not, but i would get them to pay u for the motor and just go get a swap. if not well a another ex engine is good.

even if the other dealer says its ok, tell the dealership to call that guy u talked too from honda, and have him explain everything they found to the dealer.

04-14-2003, 08:50 AM
General Info: Honda's use what is called a "Simple Bearing". Which is only a "very" thin layer of oil, seperating the parts, rather then a rollor bearing of some type. Sooo, anytime there is a lack of oil flow, bearing damage will occur. Either by scouring(sp) the two surfaces or seizing up completly, and shearing/breaking the part(s)...

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