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cigarette lighter socket came out...

12-28-2009, 11:17 PM
you guys saved me a lot of cash on buying a car when I thought my transmission was going (turns out I accidentally shifted into 2nd, drove onto the highway, and didn't notice the mistake), so I thought I'd try my luck again on a smaller problem... :)

I have a 98' Taurus and a few weeks ago when I was taking my GPS out of the cigarette lighter, the whole thing popped out of the center console cigarette lighter/ashtray thing. If I look into the hole where the socket was, I can see the threading that the socket screws into, but I canít screw it back in because the hole in that hide-away console is too small. The socket obviously fits back in the hole in the console, but i can't use it because its not connected to the power source.

Is this an easy fix? Can I somehow take out that hideaway cigarette lighter/ashtray console and just screw the socket back in?

Any idea?


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