92 camaro ignition problems

12-15-2009, 04:50 PM
so i just got a 92 camaro rs. 305 tbi and a 5 speed. i pulled up at work yesterday and it died when it was idling, and hasnt started since. i was getting good spark coming from the coil, but no spark coming out from any terminals. so the car wont start. it might be worth noting that there is no thermostat so the engine runs rich anyhow (i bought it that way) and ive heard when it runs too cold it adds more fuel and retards timing in an effort to warm the car up, mine runs way cold. also i have a msd 6al ignition box on it, i dont know if it makes a difference as its getting spark from the coil, i just wonder how the pickup works and if its just out of time or something (and by pickup i mean whatever signals the msd box from inside the dizzy) so for now im stumped, but any info would be appreciated, also i have tried to search the forum a little, and so far found no situations similar to mine. thanks for the help in advance

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