850 turbo wagon, No start.

12-08-2009, 03:36 PM
190kish miles on it. This post is for a friend so I'm a bit vague on the diagnostics performed. The car always ran well, but back in June he was driving it home and on the ride it briefly 'hiccuped' as if someone turned the key off on and quickly (electric accessories continued to run) It didn't stall and the made it the rest of the way home. Pulled into the driveway
and placed it in park and stalled and hasn't run since.

The car has no spark, but fuel is present. Diagnostic codes can't be obtained?? Broken wire?(But ecm tests good in another vehicle) He suspects a broken wire, but given the number of harnesses under this car it's not really feasible to replace the harness.

Parts that have been replaced (or are known good):
Crank sensor
Cam sensor

I can't find an wiring diagrams on this, but does anybody have a starting point for him to go from here?

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