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2001 9-3 turbo steering wobble vibration

12-08-2009, 11:00 AM

I've inherited a 9-3 turbo with about 94k mi on it.

Recently, it has developed a pronounced shake up front, that comes and goes with throttle.

I'm thinking CV driveshafts, as the tires are in balance and the spindles run true from what I can see.

Up off the ground, the pass side seems tight, the intermediate shaft support bearing and CV joint appear OK. No noticeable play or looseness.

On the driver's side, there is play at the "cup" nearest the transmission. I can grab it and wobble it about. I am assuming it is this eccentric play that is causing the wobble at speed, and also the throttle dependency.

I assume this is bad, and I am looking at a transmission bearing replacement, if possible.

Does anyone here have experience with this type of failure? Advice? I'm new to Saabs, so I'm uncertain how to extract the shaft from the transmission.

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