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flooded pls help

12-07-2009, 06:13 PM
92 accord lx
2.2 f22a1

first post here so please be gentle. someone gave me this car because they couldn't get it to run... it has been to 3 local shops has had 2 ecu's 1 tcu. new ect sensor new ho2 sensor i did ohm them out even though new... i checked the ait sensor was in spec. fuel pressure is good, there is a injector pulse and a very strong spark....the car will start everyday and run for about 15 minutes before the cylinders get so soaked with gas it just won't run... i know it has a brand new main relay and fuel pressure never goes away... what on earth can cause this condition....the cel light is on always there is no led light in the computer unless its under the cover thats wrapped in warentys viod if removed. d4 light doesn't go out and if i jump the test port on the passenger side nothing changes. trying to think of everything i've done... fuel regulator is good... i thought injectors but its hard for me to imagine all 4 going bad at the same time. if you have any thoughs please let me know... ( if i forgot to mention something let me know i'll get right on it.

thanks terry :banghead:

12-28-2009, 12:34 PM
how about the map sensor.. did a94 accord swap into a 92 , it did the same thing. i ended up having map problems.. try that

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