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Smoking out of oil filler tube

11-10-2009, 06:12 PM
Hey guys,
1997 s10 2.2L with 113k miles on engine. I bought the truck with a blown timing chain. Replaced that. still wouldn't run. Got a newer head with only a couple thousand miles on her and put on a new head gasket. Truck hasn't been driven due to not being registerd yet, but ran it a couple of time to see if it would spit some dtc codes before getting an inspection. Came up with randome misfire P0300. Changed the ignition module, still same dtc. Anyways I popped the oil dipstick off while it was idleing and smoke came billowing out. Not to mention some smoke out of tail pipe with small moisture puddle on ground. I checked the oil and it seemed uncommonly thin. So I drained it out and it was stupid thin. It was new oil and ran for maybe 15 mins. So thinking maybe some throttle body cleaner thinned it out i changed it again. Still smoking out of oil filler tube. Did i do a bad head gasket installation or does this sound like a cracked head or block? When the oil was drained it was just thin. No coolant or moisture sitting on top of the oil. Any suggestions would be more than appreciated. Thanks

11-10-2009, 10:16 PM
Usually smoke from the dipstick tube indicates either excessive blow-by or the PCV system is not working. Pull the PCV valve and make sure it has a good strong vacuum while the engine is at idle, then put it back in. With the engine still at idle, pull the PCV intake hose and check for vacuum where you pulled the hose from....should be weak, but noticeable. Post your findings.

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