Need some help with a couple of problems

11-07-2009, 12:54 AM
I have a '99 Jimmy 4wd, i need to get it lined out for a daily driver, and have a couple of problems i could use help with. I did a couple of searches but no specific answer.

1. The front tires lean out at the bottom, causing the front tires to wear on the inside....does this sound like ball joints or an alignment issue?

2. My brake light is on, and when i press the brake, there seems to be a slight grinding noise before they catch, and i have to press down quite a bit before the brakes engage....they seem to stop ok. I thought at times i could hear a little bit of noise from the rear wheels too like maybe the brakes were rubbing or something.

I've done front brakes before, but never rear brakes. I have a friend who is pretty handy who can help me fix things i've never tackled, but i could use a little advice if any of you have experience with these type problems.
Thanks. This is a great forum!

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