nissan silvia s13 1991 vs bmw 318is 1994

10-27-2009, 08:32 PM
basically ive been looking at 94 bmw 318is for around the 6990 price tag, but then realised i can be driving a 91 s13 with a sr20de in it for around 4200! all that has caused me to sink into a spiral of dispair! what to go for... i really didnt want to spend more than 5500 but i thought for the name ill get the bmw but the silvia is far easier to repair, the ones im looking at have lower kms but arent as good looking as the bmws.. so opinions would be greatly apreciated basically i would like your thoughts on comparing the

1991 S13 Silvia Js (with SuperHICASS) with the SR20DE 4sp auto


1994 BMW 318is with the m42 engine 4sp auto

and yes i know its a sin to want the auto but i hate gear changing thru the city every day on the way to work....!

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