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Rear Defogger + More!

10-24-2009, 07:24 PM
Ok so I have a 1991 Integra LS, the rear window defogger doesn't work. The relay and fuses are all good, I did a voltage check and it is getting power (round 14.1 volts if I remember) and checked the grid THOROUGHLY, and then after doing some more digging I found that on the left side where the contact meets the window, the solder is cracked and on the right side I have like a 4-6 inch strip just completely missing, looks almost like it was baked off. I believe this stuff is called Silver Tape? but I'm not sure and I cant find any of it locally to repair it. Does anyone know where I can get this stuff and how to re-apply it?

My second question has to do with my idle being rough. Now it doesn't bounce or stall or even really fluctuate off of about 750rpms when at a light or even in neutral/park (it's an automatic) but the car just vibrates, not horribly but enough to be annoying, does anyone know where to start here?

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