1998 Avenger Problems, Transmission perhaps?

10-20-2009, 07:49 AM
Ok so its winter in the east coast (almost) hehe. The temperatures are low and like last year (I've had the car since last August so its barely a year old but used of course) it has a hard time in the cold unlike my old Ford Focus. It takes so long to defrost the windows, and then it's so hot I can't stand to it so I have to put down my window to let cold air in also.

Now the other problem...this car was a beaut for a young 18 year old last year, it went to 60 (estimate in like 5 seconds I have the V6 model)...but now it jerks like crazy!! If I'm at a red light then go just (put on the gas to 15) it jerks because it can't kick into gear it seems. I"m 19 so I'm not a car genious. It really does jerk a lot, it also makes strange noises when putting it in Drive,Park,Reverse,etc...and I think it might be my pully that in the cold mornings makes it squeal really really loud? I've changed the belts (both already)

Other info my sunroof raddles all the way to work and back home (I don't use it) and it leaks....the air bag cover isn't all the way on...

Anyone else have these problems?

Its a 1998 V6 model that I got for 1900, good price but will it get me through college? I hope good looking and even nice driving car...until now.:rolleyes:

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