motor swap cost

04-07-2003, 03:43 PM
how much should i expect to pay a shop close to my house ( (click on transplants) for a complete motor swap? I'm thinking of the H22A or the B16B. I know almost nothing about comparing the engines but to buy it and install it how much am i looking at?

04-07-2003, 06:26 PM
for the b16a the motor should cost around $2,500-$3,000 at a shop and they will charge anywhere from $500-$1000 for the install. so i'd say around $3,000-$4,000 for the swap and the h22a should cost around the sam price for the engine, but the installation charge is going to be a lot more cause of the difficulty and all the wiring. my lopcal shop quoted me $6,000 for a complete swap(that was ridiculous)

04-07-2003, 06:29 PM
nah the prices should be lower than that, with engine and install the b16 should be around 3000 and the h22 should be more towards 5000

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