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1996 Corsica 2.2 No spark, or computer codes

10-10-2009, 08:17 AM
This is a young ladies first car so can some of you help her?

The car was said to work the night before, but the next morning wouldn't start. It was sold and the first thing replaced was the fuel pump. I'll only assume it was either bad or needed a pressure test. Still not running after discovering no spark the cam sensor was replaced and it looked like the crank sensor had been replaced by the previous owner.
I had the original coil pack assembly tested including the ICm and all three passed.
A coil pack assembly from the junk yard had been put on then removed and tested sighting that after 8 or 9 times tested ICM unit got hot and failed for the last three test.

Still the original parts are back on the car, and there is no spark.

If a person removes the pos. battery terminal to change a fuel pump then this action must clear the ecm trouble codes right?

If then cranked and there is no bad codes then the ecm does not monitor the electrical break. Unless the scanners used to pull the codes are for an earlier computer OBD1 or something and the right scanner is OBD2. Yet A GM veteran mechanic would now this right.

10-12-2009, 02:40 PM
I would start by checking all fuses. Then feel the main relays for pulse when trying to start. Check that all grounds are clean and tight.

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