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design flaw in front suspension???

10-05-2009, 02:00 PM
This pertains to the Accord and Acura CL 1997 vintages. I noticed that the front upper control arms on these cars attach to each bushing assembly by a bolt that goes through 2 "tabs" on the control arm. The bushing assembly is constructed of a steel housing with the bushing pressed in. I see no ability in the bushing to allow for up and down (rotational) movement of the control arm except for the very thin layer of rubber in the bushing itself. The only way I can see allowance for up/down movement is if one attaches the bushing assembly to the arm loosely. I cannot see this being proper as the "tabs" would then wear over the bushing shaft. This looks like a design flaw to me. If torqued properly, the tabs and bushing shaft are attached solidly. I see in parts catalogs the Accords and Acuras after 1999 the bushings and their attachment are redesigned. Has any one else noticed the older design as being a possible flaw?

I have also removed a set of older style camber kits from a 1997 Acura cl and the assembly has a synthetic sleeve that act as sort of a bearing to allow for the up/down (rotational) movement required by suspension geometry.

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