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9-3 Check Engine Warning

10-03-2009, 12:48 PM
Car Model 9-3 (1999) 2L SE Petrol. 100K on the clock.

Driving back from London, warning light 'Check Engine' but car running ok and no obvious problems. However noticed that my petrol consumption was higher than normal. Had it checked by the local garage. Computer readout: '1 ERROR. PO 108, MANIFOLD ABSOLUTE/BAROMETRIC PRESSURE SIGNAL TOO LARGE' The 'expert' is away so need to wait until Tuesday for an answer to this problem.

Recent history re this: I had (my first breakdown with this car!) about three weeks ago and the above garage fitted a new Saab Coil Pack, Plugs and a new Bosch Lambda Sensor. The car ran perfectly for the next 600 miles until now? Could it be the 'Lambda' again? or is the Bosch unit suitable for this particular engine? (Red Colored Coil Pack, the low pressure unit I guess!) :uhoh:

Really would appreciate your advice.

Kind regards.

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