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95 Corsica Knocks Bad When In Park Or Reverse

09-22-2009, 12:20 PM
This problem has been going on probably 3 or 4 months now and I don't know WHAT it is. Whenever my car has been sitting in off for around 5-6 hours and I turn it back on, I start to get a terrible knocking and grinding noise.

It normally knocks when the car is in park, but it starts to make the grinding noises when I put the car in reverse. The noises tend to disappear from putting the car in reverse/park after I've driven the car a half hour or so which is what really makes it difficult to get it diagnosed since it doesn't make the noises when I take it to the mechanic.

Anyways, I took the car to a mechanic and asked them to give me an idea of what the problem could be and they ended up taking $70 away from me to get my fan belt replaced which I'm QUITE sure was a job that didn't need to be done now. When I look around the web, a large majority of people seem to be split between two things the problem could deal with : the type of oil I'm using or pistons.

What makes me annoyed is that when I took it to the mechanic and asked if the issue could be tied to my pistons he told me it was no way. If you have a clue what my problem might be, I'd love to hear your input. Please excuse me though because I'm very new to cars and a lot of terminology you throw at me might go over my head. Which leads me to say that I'd really like to be able to know the right words to say to a mechanic so they can zero in on the issue with my car.

09-24-2009, 07:25 PM
The knocking noise almost sounds like the belt TENSIONER may be shot...although your mechanic should have picked up on that when changing belt. When the engine idles does the belt tensioner stay in one place or does it jump back and forth? the noise in reverse sounds like a tranmission problem....

10-17-2009, 12:38 PM
Okay, I was able to take the car in to a mechanic and let it sit overnight. The mechanic called and told me today that what the car needs is a new front engine mount as well as a torque strut. From what I can recall of how he explained it, the engine is somehow jerking around more than it should be.

There was also a squeaking noise that developed in the car maybe 3 weeks after I made this post. For that problem, they say it is in fact an issue with my serpentine belt and a tensioner. So it seems you were correct in your assumption of the belt tensioner jsgold, although it seems you put your finger on a problem that hadn't developed at the time.

I will not be able to pay to have these problems fixed immediately, but I just wanted to post back with my what I was told. This is all in case another person encounters a similar problem.

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