AC Switch late 944/968

09-20-2009, 07:12 PM
Has anyone ever repaired a late 944 or 968 AC push button switch? By that I mean, you either replaced some discreet components or one of the pushbutton switches. I am looking for feedback on what is possible and hopefully the schematic of the switch itself.

Seems these cars are notorious for switch buttons that lose the ability to stay in the "on" position (looks to be the fault of a small piece of white plastic that wears). I have searched the web and only found one article that looked like someone was trying to repair the switch, but it was in Japanese or similar language I couldn't read.

Also, on reading some parts sources for AC replacement switches, I see disclaimers that the part is for control units that have removable switches. What does this mean? Did some control units come from the factory with plug in sockets for the ac switch? All of the units I have seen have the switches (ac, fan control, temp, recirc/defrost) soldered to a base circuit board.

After disassembling one non-functioning ac switch while it was still soldered on, I am of the under-informed opinion that the switch cannot be repaired, only replaced. Odd to think that a switch that is so easy to wear out, and has hard mounted lights in it (that burn out at some point) would be so difficult and expensive to replace.

Does anyone have any experience with any of this that they can share? I know there is at least one entity out there that repairs these control units, but they are priced high enough that I would rather purchase a discounted new unit - or better, a substitute. Has anyone found a schematic for the circuits boards in the control unit? I have an electronics background, and would like to reverse engineer this unit and design an interface to a replacement that fits the same opening. Given the parts on the control unit, and the lack of enduring quality for the main components, a new 'non-Porsche' system like it should not cost much over a $100.


10-26-2009, 03:11 AM
I've hunted around in that control module before, I worked on the snow flake switch also... I did become aware that some models had a switch that could be easily replaced but I don't think mine was one of them.

Ebay 944 and see what you come up with. I did repair mine, then I saw a complete control head on ebay for 40 bucks used. Mine had some of the clear mounting plastic damaged by the previous mechanic (owner idiot).

I have some good factory schematics and manuals I got from off here several years ago. If I can find them on the old computer, I will get back to you here.

If I remember, there isn't any rocket science inside there. If you have intermediate or better skills, you should be able to get in and out with a repair.

Good Luck!

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