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2001 Jimmy Stalls after Fuel pump

09-06-2009, 10:02 PM
I have been having an issue with my 2001 jimmy with 140k. It started out 2 months ago with a SES code for cycl #4 misfire. I changed plugs, wires, and fuel filter. After a week code returned. I took it to the the dealer and was told to replace High Voltage Distributor. Replaced distributor, cap and rotor. I noticed the cap had a crack in the back so I assumed this was the issue. A week later same code. Returned to the dealer and I was told no issues. At this time I noticed the radiator had small leak and I replaced it along with the thermostat. Car ran fine and no codes. Last week car would not start in the morning. I noticed the fuel pump was not coming on with the key turned to the on position and the pressure was zero on the fuel rail. Replaced fuel pump. Car started up and ran good for one week. Today, after running the car for several hours, the car stalled 3 times. The gauge indicated 1/4 tank. Once the first stall came. Check gauges light came on. Low fuel light flashed and gas gauge went from 1/4 to E. We went to the gas station and filled the tank. Car runs fine. This car is used by a college student out of town, so I need to resolve the issue. It was suggested that the ignition coil is bad, but I have checked and found no issues. I have also been told that the new fuel pump may have burst a leaking fuel injector line. This could be the reason for the misfire from before. I have also been told the issue could be the crank position sensor. I did remove this from the car, clean and reinstall back when I changed the plugs. I have been told it could be the EGR. Does anyone have a suggestion before I dig into the fuel injector system.


09-07-2009, 02:51 PM
Many things can cause a stall, bad ign switch, stuck egr, bad crank sensor, I've seen coil wires on the these fail, bad connection at the fuel pump, they were famous for melting the connector, bad connection fuel pump hose to the fuel pipe in the tank are the most common.

10-07-2009, 09:12 PM
I had purchased a fuel pump from an internet site for cheap. I checked the pressure and I got 30 lbs. Should be 58 to 60. I went to auto parts store and purchased a quaility pump for $150 more and the issue was resolved. The internet company took the old pump back less $50 so it just cost me that for the mistake. Buy quaility pump if you want to avoid issues.

10-08-2009, 04:22 PM
Should only use a Delphi or AC Delco pump in these trucks. Any other is gonna fail fast.

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