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2000 teg front end noise

09-06-2009, 09:45 PM
I drive a 2000 Integra Ls, all stock. Just got it a few weeks ago.

My question is about some front end noise that has been there since I bought it. It sounds kinda like how big mud tires ( on a truck sound going down a road, maybe just a bit quieter. Low pitched humming. It happens from 15 mph and up. It doesnt change when turning either way. Stays the same when car is in every gear and out of gear. The ride is pretty smooth even at highway speeds. The car doesn't pull any direction either. Theres no clunking or clicking while turning. It has the stock 15 inch wheels on the front that are supposed to have 195/55/r15 tires, however the tires on now are 205/50/r15. I think the brand of tires is "Sonar". They have about 50% tread left.

Any ideas? At first I thought wheel bearings, but the ride is still smooth and the sound doesn't vary with weaving on the highway taking the load off each wheel.

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