'03 Sebring Wear?

09-06-2009, 01:24 PM
Hey guys what's up. I guess as part of my first post I will introduce myself. I am 20 and I live in NJ, USA. I play the electric guitar and I do a good deal of recording music of my own creation as well as do a few covers here and there. I also do a bit of guitar modding and setups for a second income. Music is my love and my life so PM me for questions/comments on that if you are interested :) Now onto business...

I own an '03 Sebring and lately it has been running a bit sluggish. It's a 2.4L 4 cyl 150 HP but it's pretty peppy :iceslolan When I first got it about 6 months ago it was very responsive to gas, to accelerate you just have to push it a tiny bit. Now it seems that you have to push down a little harder for the same amount of acceleration. I can admit to flooring it sometimes late at night, who doesn't every once in a while? Am I just asking too much of her pushing the engine too hard and causing wear and tear?

What is your opinion on fuel additives? i.e. those things that supposedly clean your injectors. I have heard mixed things about them and don't want to start pouring them into my baby unless it really is a good idea and not a marketing gimmick. I've got about 52k on it so do you think it's time to look into replacing/upgrading my sparks?


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