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squeal and ticking on startup

09-02-2009, 07:21 PM
My 1998 ZX2 just started making squealing noises and slight clicking on startup (cold start only). After a minute or so running, these stop. If starter squeal, can this be fixed by lubricating the starter or do i need a new one? (I'm not a mechanic, but really love this car and have learned alot about the Ztec engine since i bought it a year ago.

It had a lot of work done just before I bought it: new head gasket, cam shaft, timing belt. )The first owner was a young woman who probably never did any maintenance, judging from the colour of the tranny fluid). I also had a new water pump put in since then and regular lubes and flushes.

I've been given the run around by mechanics (told me my engine squeal -plugged PVC valve - was transmission problems). Anyway, I now take it to the Ford dealer for service and they don't seem to mind a woman asking questions re: diagnostics.

Otherwise Ruby runs perfectly, good mileage (40 mpg) and accelerates like a bat out of hell.

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