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I need a jack - help me choose - my big red is too short

09-01-2009, 10:25 AM
I got a Big Red kit a while back with Jacks and stand and creeper -

but the max height of the BIG RED jack barely got the car high enough for me to get under my car. I'm jacking from the front jacking point juss behind the front Bumper - and using the jacking points to secure my jack stands. If there's a better point to place my jacks - I'm open to learn.

I was barely able to change my oil as my chest was hitting my undercarriage - but I want to get my car up another notch - so I can better work under it. So I need a jack that won't break the bank. Primarily for routine maintenance of my 9 year old Honda - and some minor repairs if needed.

I found a heavy duty Jack with a 20" lift at Harbor Freight for $89 bucks ( -20 % coupon ). It's quite a big heavier in weight at 94 lbs than I would like - but price is about as high as I could go for the amount of time I'd actually use this jack.

If anybody has this jack - I'd be open to opinions. Or if you have a better recommendation in my price range I'm happy to listen. I need to service my car in the next week or two - the sooner the better - so I'd like to get this decision made and pick up a jack as soon as I can.

Also - where else should I look.
We've got Adavanced auto parts - Autozone - Walmart - Sears - Farm and Fleet - etc. Those are the only locations I could think of to look at for a jack. I'm open to other stores too.

I know nothing about floor jacks except I have one that's too short for my car right now and getting my car high enough for me to work under is borderline impossible..

My car is a Honda Accord


10-06-2009, 07:10 AM
You're lifting it in the right place. It's the jack. We use a Craftsman jack at the shop and it's 10+ years old without a problem...Well except one, it doesn't fit under certain cars so we had to get an aluminum racing jack as well. That one is nice, it's so light.

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