vtec wiring HELP! Couple Q's and Pics!

04-05-2003, 07:38 AM
I just need to wire from the ECU to the GSR engine harnesses, right?
These 4 wires are found on the GSR engine harnesses at the shock tower, right?

A4 vtec Solenoid
A17 Secondary Intake Solenoid
D3 Knock Sensor
D6 vtec Oil Pressure Switch

Car: 93 Cx
Motor: 98 GSR (USDM)


Ok, I noticed on the GSR harness where it meets the Cx harness that the vtec solenoid wire (A4) is there :thumbup: Also the vtec pressure switch is there (D6) on the harness just below and to the left of the solenoid :thumbup:

How do I check the harness to see if the:
--Knock Sensor (D3) is there?
--IAB Solenoid (A17) is there?

Also, on a vtec diagram I have there is an A20 - EVAP Purge Solenoid. Do I have to wire this as well?

Here's the diagram:


I wired the 4 that I mentioned in the original post to the ECU harness at the kick panel as you can see in the pics :thumbup:



Am I done at the ECU pin outs now?

Thanks for any help!

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