Climate Control

04-04-2003, 08:36 PM
Thinking about a JDM climate control in my 4th gen lude (92-96). Do you know if there is anything I need to do in terms of ECU, or is it a direct plug and play installation?

Here's what I was looking at:

I would think there'd be more to it because of all the manual levers and whatnot under the dash...

04-09-2003, 08:15 PM
Lets start by saying, yes. You need a JDM ecu to go with your JDM climate control.

Now, as to how to install or what addtional parts you'll need, it's mostly plug and play. You will need both temperature sensors. The climate control will work without them but that defeats the "auto" part of the climate control.

Ironically, the acura "CL"'s climate control is the same unit except it designed for us North American types. And all the parts are easily found.

04-09-2003, 08:27 PM
Good to know. If I was in a show, being judged on JDM conversions, would a "CL" type climate control pass? Any other climate control options without having to do major dash work?

JDM H22a with a JDM ecu... someday..

07-03-2003, 08:35 PM
:bigthumb: Was wondering, is there a JDM climate control unit similar to the prelude model, but for the integra type r Dc2, and if so where can i get a look at it.. Ive seen some of the old style ones which don't warrant an upgrade.. But i want the digital panel with the temp sensor....Is this even made for the integra, and what additional hardware is required to install it?

07-04-2003, 06:20 PM
Try starting a new thread in the teg forum.. You'll prob. have better luck.

07-07-2003, 02:09 AM
If you use the CL climate control, you'd lose points on the "JDM" aspect. But it would surely flip a few people who aren't aware to the similarity of the Prelude/Integra/Accord/CL components.

If you want to go "JDM", then try eBAY. You might be able to find a climate control that is operational. Then you'll have to find all of the other required parts. I found all of my parts rather easily.

Good Luck

07-07-2003, 01:14 PM
How much did it end up costing you when all was said and done? Did you do the install yourself? If not, how much did you pay for that?

07-07-2003, 09:28 PM
I was very lucky. It only cost me exactly $176.54 to do the conversion. I got everything at a riddiculously cheap cost. I found what I needed in a local junk yard. So, I saved a lot right there. I already had a Honda Manual. So that made the electrical wiring issues a moot point.

I removed every connector from a wrecked CL that was connected to the climate control with as much of the wiring harness as possible. (Keep the wires as long as you can. That helps with the splicing.)

It will take you a whole day with the proper tools to do a neat and correct conversion. The hardest part is installing the two sensors. Take pictures of the CL to locate the positions of the sensors.

A word of caution, JDM ECU's have been known to cause problems with NON-JDM engines. If you already have performed the engine/ECU swap. Ignore this.

Have fun. It's a great conversion. You'll be very upset and mad with Honda for not installing the auto climate control in the USDM Preludes.

Ask any CL owner about their climate control. It works great.

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