Need advice on buying '94 XJ6

08-25-2009, 07:35 AM
Looking at buying Jag XJ6. 106K mi.
$3000.00 cash
Has been in accident, repairs made, no evidence of damage.
Damage was made to right quarter panel/front bumper,grill.
Burgundy paint,faded on hood and trunk lid.
Leather-Tan interior,some wear and cracking.
A/C compressor needs replacing.
New drive belts. Motor looked clean, not steam cleaned like most used car places.
Looking in oil fill/valve cover, there was some milky looking oil. oil on dip stick wasn't black but it wasn't exactly clear or milky looking.( could that be condensate from a short run/drive?)
Tires have good tread.
Test drive was good. All elect. windows/sunroof/seats operate.
Brakes were tight. no unusual squeaks or rattles.
Radio needs code.
Tranny shifted good.
I think the guy was being honest about the car(seemed more honest than the usual used car person,this came from my wife!)
I offered him $2000.00 cash, he refused. Counter offered He would cover sales tax,about $150.00. And an A/C compressor if one can be found reasonably priced.
I don't mind doing a few minor repairs myself.
Could someone fill me in on the dependability/reliability of these cars?
I have disc problems in my neck and back, the jag seats are the most comfortable for me.

04-02-2010, 02:07 PM
sounds like the jag im going to be selling in june only not as beat up. i have one just like that only the motor needs some TLC and a alignment

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