AutoCheck Sucks

08-11-2009, 09:50 PM
:dupe::dupe: I purchased a 1997 Audi Cabriolet for my girlfriend on June 15, 2009. The car had only 74K on it and was in great physical shape. The AutoCheck vehicle history report was clean and based on this report I thought it would be a good replacement for her totaled 2000 Sebring. On July 5, 2009, the Audi lost all engine power in Georgia while driving at highway speed. No one in Savannah, GA was able to diagnose or fix the problem. A mechanic in Savannah disassembled the car and 4 days later gave up. He "put it back together" and the car was towed back to our home in Fairfax, VA.

I contacted Audi of Alexandria (AoA) and then sent the car to them for service. It took them four days to diagnose the problem as a faulty ignition switch. I have since found that this same switch was the subject of a service bulletin and recall. After waiting for parts to come (which I was asked to order or wait for them to come from Germany two weeks later), the repairs took two days to complete. I was told to order a complete ignition assembly including switch, housing and key cylinder lock. The part that malfunctioned cost $8. The diagnostic fee was $120, which was applied to the $380 final cost of the fix.

It was raining when I picked the car up and later that day I discovered that the radio was out and that the roof no longer opened. I traced the radio problem to a lack of signal coming from the ignition switch. The inoperable roof remains a mystery. Three days later the car would not start. It was sent back to AoA. The diagnostic fee this trip is $360 and the car has no diagnosis on day 2. No explanation as to why the diagnostic cost has tripled was given other than the "ignition switch is working fine." Further they refuse to look at the roof problem without an additional diagnostic fee.

It is my belief that the roof problem is a result of the faulty ignition switch and should have been administered to when the car was originally serviced. So far I have over $700 worth of bills and still no drivable car. The defective ignition switch was known to cause collateral electrical issues and the dealership should have known this. If I had gotten a Carfax report I would have know that this car had not had the recall service on the ignition switch. Your product is not equal to Carfax as it omits critical repair records. I no longer trust AutoCheck and will insist on Carfax in the future. I do not know why the ignition switch was not replaced under recall or why you donít include the service records and the vehicle history report was "clean." Either way I feel cheated as with the missed work, hotels, towing and repairs, this $8 ignition switch has cost me over $3000 to date. USE CARFAX!! AUTOCHECK LACKS CRITICAL INFORMATION THAT MAY COST YOU THOUANDS!!

10-18-2009, 08:45 AM
AutoCheck and Experian as the owner of Autocheck are providing false advertising.

I selected and checked your website listed bullet, which clearly states "Unlimited Vehicle History Reports for 60 Days - $29.99". I then paid $29.99 with my Amex card.

When I logged in I was informed Autocheck will only work through EbayMotors. (At login it said "Our records indicate that you have purchased our reports from eBay Motors.")

But I did not purchase it through Ebay or through EbayMotors. And their online Terms and Conditions have no mention of this requirement.

I ask AutoCheck to correct this or I wanted my money back. They have been nonresponsive.

I never had this problem come up with CarFax which does not care where the VIN comes from and just gives you the report you paid for.

I imagine that you have donw this many, many, times to unsuspecting consumers. Anyone else experience this 'online slight-of-hand'?

10-18-2009, 09:46 AM
Carfax can be wrong and I heard about lately once and even twice.I know an used car dealer that was taken to court over this.He sold a guy a car and the guy came back wanting something done.This guy whom bought the car did a Carfax check and the Carfax report said there was a mileage problem with this car which was wrong.Luckily this dealer had a title check done for a small fee,it was an A1 title going through 5 dealers signed out with the mileage right which this dealer had a resale title done.This used car dealer brought this proof in court,the paperwork and it was dismissed by the judge telling this guy he sued the wrong person.The judge told the guy whom bought the car to sue Carfax instead after seeing this paperwork showing the mileage was right.My father bought a 2004 or 2005 Chevy Impala which was in an accident and the Carfax showed nothing with this.Now my father has to go to court on a later date and testify,police department said it was in a hit and run which was impossible killing a motorcyclist.It could not be,wrong vehicle and had damage done which this car could not be driven away.It had a broken inner tie rod end and the fender was damged which my father replaced.The Carfax report is sometimes wrong and this is proof I mentioned

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