Car Show September 19th, Charlotte NC

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The next show in the Streetwise Drift series will be Saturday September 19th at the Metrolina Expo.

Metrolina Expo
7100 Statesville Rd
Charlotte NC 28269
Mapquest map of Show location (

The show will be the same format.
50+ classes(must have 5+ entries to receive trophy)
$20 for you to show your car
$10 for anyone else
$10 for SPL contest, $5 off if your in the show
$10 for Loudest Exhaust contest, $5 off if your in the show

Club participation trophy has a new format.
To be counted as a club all drivers must list the club on their registration sheet and have a club sticker on their car. No exceptions!

Registration will be from 10am - 2pm
Sound comp. 2pm - 4pm
Judging Noon - 4pm
Awards between 5pm & 6pm

Want to show your ride for free?
It's real simple. All you have to do is get people to come to the show.
Get 10 people to show their car and you get your show fee back. Its that easy!
This sounds to good to be true doesn't it. Well its not! Just have 10 people right down your full name in the 'How did you hear about the show?' box on their registration sheet the day of the show. If we get 10 registration sheets with your name on it, you get $20 in your pocket.
Don't think you can get 10 people to show but you still want to save some money on your registration? If you get 5 people to show will give you $5 back.
There is only one thing keeping you from showing your car for free at our show. Just enter your car and get 10 friends to show too!
If you have any questions just send us a message and we will give you an answer.

Remember, there is a Drifting Competition going on all day!

Hot Rides
09-10-2009, 08:58 AM
We justed added 10 Best of trophies that WILL be given away regaurdless of how many attend!

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