How bad is a 13B, and Which Piston Motor Slots into an FD the Best

08-08-2009, 04:33 AM
Hi guys,
I'm looking at geeting a '95 Mazda Rx-7 FD, and I know this topic is way too casually discussed and too often to, so I was just wanting to find out how truly unreliable the rotor engines are, and when I'm talking about these tuned engines, I'm not looking at the 900hp or whatever engines, I'm talking about the slightly milder +-400hp engines.
I seem to be favouring an engine swap of say a small 4 cyclinder like an SR20DET, as it isn't tto heavy or big. I don't want to go the V8 route, as I don't want my Rx burbling and spluttering along, but rather have that jap tuned sound.
If anyone can help me in making a decision for engine I would really appreciate it, pricing at the moment isn't particulary important, I'm just looking for the easier swap or replacement, that will be really reliable at +-400hp.

08-26-2009, 02:14 PM
A mildly tuned 13b circa 400whp is not as unreliable as the rumours suggest, most with regular servicing will easily do 40-60k hard mileage.
A small to mid sized single turbo with the reliability mods (radiator/ic/fuelpump etc) will give you a healthy 400hp and ive known many run for years with regular track time.

A sr20 motor tuned to 400+hp will only really last the same or less unless you are paying for forged internals etc and with rotary rebuilds being easier/cheaper to rebuild i really dont understand paying the large amount required for an engine swap.

Ive ran my 95 fd on stock twins with 330hp now without any probs for years and its been a joy to own.

Dont believe the rumour about rotary nightmare's, They are only about through bad servicing and piston engine builders having a go at repairing them without really knowing what they are doing imo.

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