Floor Plan Problems?

08-07-2009, 01:32 PM
Under the auspices of Capital Business Solutions, a full-service business brokerage firm with affiliates worldwide, the Floorplan mediation team of auto dealership veterans, lawyers, and accountants offers a vital service to dealers struggling to maintain their livelihood in today's difficult economy.
" The Floorplan team has stepped in to fill a need created by the banking crisis, the national downturn in sales, and the ailing auto industry. With dealership experience, legal knowledge, and professional accounting advice, the Floorplan Lending group stands ready to help auto dealers, large or small, work with financial institutions in order to survive the economic crisis. Without a floorplan agreement, a dealer can't operate. Franchise contracts require one. But with capital scarce and the average dealer's finances under severe pressure, floorplan lenders are cracking down... the floorplan freeze is claiming

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