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1998 Eclipse... No spark... HELP!!!

08-04-2009, 08:27 PM
I have a 98 eclipse 2.0 non turbo that has me to the point of just pulling it out back and burning it!! I cannot get this thing to start. I recently rebuilt the engine. It turns over like a dream but Im not getting a spark, let alone a 12v power source to the coil. Ive change the cam/crank sensors. Checked the coil. I know the fuel pump is working. I'm stumped. The guy who had it before me had a jumper wire hooked to the 12v power source wire for the coil, but have no idea where it was hooked to. Checked continuity to the PCM and everything checked out. Other than the computer, I dont know where else to look. Im hesitant to buy a new computer because the car ran prior to the engine being rebuilt. Any suggestions???

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