2000 Alero Front Sway Bar Replacement

08-01-2009, 07:44 PM

I'm replacing a broken front sway bar on a 2000 alero. I have the links and bushings/brackets off already but can't find an easy way to remove the sway bar from underneath the car. There doesn't appear to be enough room without removing alot of other items. Anyone ever tackled this task before? Any hints/suggestions.

Thanks a bunch!

08-02-2009, 03:45 PM
O.K. I figured this one out.

Remove the links, brackets, and bushings.

To remove the old stock sway bar --- don't bother fighting it to pull it out. It's quicker and easier just to cut the passenger side end of the sway bar off with a grinder or sawzall. Then pull it straight out the drivers side. I learned from sitting the stock sway bar over top of the new sway bar that the length from end to end at the 90 degree bends is about an inch longer on the stock bar that makes it harder to remove.

To put the new sway bar in---you need to have a jack under the drivers side A-Arm so the axle and steering arm are at the normal driving distance from the wheel well. Turning the steering wheel all the way to the left helps get the rotor out of the way too. Move all the hoses and stuff up and out of the way. Insert the passenger side of the new sway bar in front of the rotor between the axle and A-Arm. Slide the bar partially in. You need to get the passenger end of the bar in front of the rear engine mount but behind the bracket the holds the steering rack. It will be a little snug at this point. Take a rubber mallet and give it a couple wraps on the driver's side 90 of the bar. It will pop in there. Then just crawl under and move the bar into the correct position.

To re-install the bushings---Slide the brackets in place first but don't put the bolts through them yet. Put the new bushings on the bar and slide them under the brackets. A little soapy water helps out with this part.

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