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07-13-2009, 07:24 PM
i was wondering if anyoen knows what kinda of gear ratio a 03 tj 4.0L with a 5 speed has im wanting to buy a dana44 for replacing the weaker 35 rear axle but dont know what the gearing is in it , anyone know if they came with a posi system in the 44's or how cani identify one by going through a junkyard and checking bolt patterns ont he pan i assume?

my buddys got a 1500 with a 3/4 ton rear end and stock ifs in the front diff gear ratios it works beautifully in mud and loose stuff he cant seem to get the bugger stuck but god forbid you hit some dry pavement bucks wildly like it wants to throw the t case and i dont persay feel like going the same route he did :lol:

i been browseing aroundi have an 89 irocs engine anyone know of good swap kits throwing a v8 into a wrangler?i thought that would be cool but not persay economical or anythign else aside from bragging rights or have some chompy idle and make ppl look around for the hot rod :)

im on lunch break from work so please excuse the bad grammar or punctuation ty for your time

07-15-2009, 12:11 PM
Some 44's did come with a posi set up. If they are off the vehicle, its best to ID a posi by removing the diff cover and taking a look.

You can ID your existing ratio by raising the rear end and rotate both rear wheels together one turn only. Count how many times the driveshaft rotates, and you can work out the ratio.

Obviously it would be nice to get a 44 with the same ratio as your existing one.... but this may not be easy.

07-18-2009, 08:03 AM
Here's a link that might help save you some time at the junkyard.

Axle identification made easy (

Rat's right about checking the ratio....if you have a helper you can also put a chalk line (or tie a string) on the driveshaft and drive forward one wheel rotation and see how many times the driveshaft goes around.

And I'm thinking that in 03 the standard ratio was 3.07, with 3.55 as an option...or maybe it was 3.73. Dana 44 came with 4.10 only I think, so that's likely what you will get if you find one.

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