Diesel excusion questions-general

07-12-2009, 07:50 PM

I am interested in purchasing an excursion. From what I have read here, the best one is the 7.4L diesel, up to year 2003? Did they make a 7.3L after this? Specifially why this year or up to this year?

I have done some looking around, it appears they are going for around 12-20K depending on the year and mileage.

My next question: What kind of miles should I expect to see out of these units? Not MPG, but how many miles....I have seen them for sale with about 130 to 150K on them already. Beings that this is a diesel, does this matter a whole bunch? I understand miles on a Ford vs the engine/transmission.

Also, how are the transmissions in these? Do they last good? Expect to replace at 100 or 130k?

Thanks in advance


07-13-2009, 07:49 PM
I have seen 300,000+ miles on these engines with no problems.

As for transmissions...... it depends on the use.
A rough guess would be 150K for normal truck use (some towing/hauling etc)

I think you could get more if the truck was babied..... all highway use, with transmission fluid and filter changes...... less if the trans was abused or neglected.

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