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Hello & Plz Help!!

07-07-2009, 10:59 AM
Hey everyone!!

I'm new to the forum, but not to Isuzu. Owned a 97 Rodeo 3.2 4wd Manual for 5 years and 170K miles (traded in at 197K miles).

I just purchased a 99 Amigo "Maria" 3.2 2wd automatic with 86K on the clock. The truck is in great shape but not without issues, but what the hell, she's 10 years old!!

I've searched the threads and found some info, but was hoping for more clairfication on this particular 2-fold issue....

I believe the fuel sending unit is ka-putz, as the guage has a mind of its own... which in-itself, is no big deal. However, I'm also having a problem with starting. Turn the key, starter engages, but not getting fuel. Have to hold some pressure on the pedal, or pump it a couple of times, to get it to start. This is not only from a cold start, but also after running, if she sits for over 30 minutes, same thing.

Could these items be related (sending unit / start issue)?

I'm wondering if I have a bad injector allowing the pressure to escape the system??

Other ideas?

Thank you so much,

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