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GSR question

07-04-2009, 02:36 PM
hello to all the people who own a gsr!!!!!! this is my question i want to get a gsr but i want to get a 4-door i just think that they look alot better. now that we have that out there how much slower will it be due to the fact that it will weigh more? all i really want is to do the basics like intake headers and full exhaust maybe cam gears and i a cam. oh side note is there a cam out there that i can put in a gsr that i can push the motor to 9000 rpms with out messing up the engine? any way i just want a all motor 4-door gsr that can run like umm low 14's is this possible out of the b18c1? and if it is not can it be done with a turbo?

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