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2003 Grand Marquis Steering Problem

06-29-2009, 04:57 PM
hesitation in wheel when turning, almost a resistance then o.k L or R. Mechanic replaced ball joints and u-joint, week later happening again. if at a stop and turning L or R, wheel starts pulsating the opposite direction. Mechanic said almost like the wheel had a mind of its own!

2003 82,000 miles any ideas? right now he has it at an allignment specialist to see which side the prob is coming from, he is at a loss right now as to what it is.

please help can't keep affording trial and error

12-04-2009, 01:04 AM
Why wouldn't he be suspecting the power rack and pinion mechanism?? That would be my first thought, either the rack and pinion itself or the power steering pump. Both of which have been replaced on our 2003 Grand Marquis LS Ultimate. Seems like a typical rack valve studder or intermittant loss of pump pressure. I'd probably just pull the serpentine belt, feel the pump pulley, if it seems smooth and quiet I'd start by just replacing the rack and pinion. Obviously checking the alignment is a good start. There may be some better techniques for diagnosing the pump itself, it may not be terribly more expensive to just replace the pump with the rack.

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